June 30th, 2007

Mod Stuff (LoM Flashfic/Icons)

Mod Stuff - The Puppet Challenge

Challenge this fortnight brought to you by m31andy.

I confess, I'm a little bit terrified with this one - but hey, if Matthew was brave enough to put puppets in Life on Mars, I guess I could be brave enough to put puppets in a challenge. Use it as a metaphor, write some Camberwick Sam/Camberwick Gene slash if you so wish, or, er, TCG/Sockpuppet if you really need to. Your fic should incorporate puppets! With or without strings attached >:)

This is a two week challenge. Entries are due by July 13. Good luck!

This is actually a brilliant concept, so thank you, Andy. If anyone else has any suggestions, I welcome them with open arms!