June 27th, 2007

Tom Levitt

Fortune Challenge by Beautybecks

Title: Cause for celebration (1/1)
Author: er... me, beautybecks
Pairings: Sam/Gene, Gene/Missus, Sam/Annie, kind of Gene/Annie, Gene/Ray, Annie/Missus, Sam/Gene/Annie, Chris/Ray
Ratings: is there a psychedelic Cortina? I'll have to settle for blue then (or maybe red if m-preg squicks you)
Summary: Congratulations DCI Hunt, you're pregnant.
Word Count: 3289
Warnings: slash, femmeslash, AU, crack, m-preg, cliché, poor writing, unbetad as usually (so if you spot any mistakes, please tell me,) all of those and maybe more.
Disclaimer: characters aren't mine, unfortunately, my brain is.
AN: written for the 1973flashfic

 challenge, 'Fortune', more crack because it appears that's all I can write at the moment. A complete one-shot, this is too weird for me to write more of it, but if anyone else wants to, feel free >:)



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