May 17th, 2007

Mod Stuff (LoM Flashfic/Icons)

Mod Stuff - The Betrayal Challenge

A strong theme in Life on Mars is loyalty. The other side of the loyalty coin is betrayal. It could be betrayal in confidence, betrayal in action, even betrayal of one's own emotions. The betrayed and the betrayer.

As a quick reminder of the rules - if you have any s2 spoilers, please warn for them. I'm sure there are still some people, somewhere, who haven't seen the last of the second series yet.

Also, make sure you post the fic directly to 1973flashfic. You can crosspost to your journal or another community if you wish, but the fic itself should also be hosted here. It's an organisation/ease of access thing - you can still request that people leave feedback at your personal journal/comm, etc.

Thank you! I hope everyone has a fun two weeks of writing. Entries will be due by May 31.