May 4th, 2007


Tension Challenge, by jantalaimon

TITLE: One Better
STYLE/WARNINGS: Red Cortina. BDSM Annie/Phyllis. You Have Been Warned. Or happily apprised, depending. ;)

WORD COUNT: 1200-ish.

SUMMARY: Some things are best taught by experience. Set post S2.04, spoilers through that episode and obliquely for S2.08 as well.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is all mostly m31andy's fault. (To Andy: Better? XD) It came from the meme that goes around occasionally where you ask for prompts for fics people think you'd never, ever write, and in return promise to write at least a snippet from the suggestions you're given. Andy, of course, said she wasn't sure what I'd never write, but finally suggested "Annie/Phyllis kink-fic." To which I responded "What makes you so sure I'd never write that?" and listed reasons why. And lo, the ship, she was sunk. >3 Still, thanks, cookies, pints, and etc. to m31andy for beta-ing the resultant creation as well...

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