May 1st, 2007

mod stuff

Mod stuff

And our foray into unreliable narrative styles has now come to an end! Many thanks to all participants; you can find the entries by clicking either here or on the appropriate tag.

New challenge shall be arriving shortly! Watch this space for details. :)
mod stuff

Mod stuff - Tension challenge

This challenge is all about tension. Friction. Air fairly crackling with electricity. It's part of what makes our show our show, after all. For this challenge, submissions should revolve around any sort of tension you like. Character tension. Whether or not those handcuffs Joni put on Sam will really hold if he just struggles a bit more violently. Bets on whether poor Chris gets "upstairs outside" or a slap on his next date. It's all down to you, what sort of tension you choose to create. Ready...?

This is a two-week challenge. Entries are due in by 15 May 2007.