September 23rd, 2006

  • meli_64

Innuendo for Darkness Challenge

Title: Innuendo
Author: Meli Parker
Rating: Blue Cortina for mild language and some violence. (Though it could also be green)
Word Count: 1781
Notes: I like to write to certain songs and music so when reading this, I recommend you start the first part with David Bowie's "Life On Mars?" and switch to Queen's "Innuendo". The big bluk of this was really based on the Queen song because when I listen to it, I get picture in my head of what should be going on as the music is playing in the background. So yeah, listen to the Queen song and this will all make sense. It's also slightly based on the thing Sam says to Gene, "Say hi to Id for me." Thanks to lozenger8 for beta! :D
Summary: Sam thinks he's found a way back home, but also wonders if he's going crazy.
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