Loz (lozenger8) wrote in 1973flashfic,

Mod Stuff - The Armed Bastards Challenge

Hello there!

It seems we all got kind of distracted by SERIES TWO, OMG, so there were no responses to the crossover challenge. We'll have to see if we can bring that one back later in the year. But for now, I bring you The Armed Bastards Challenge.

Guns! Cricket bats with nails! Words. Our protagonists and/or our villains are armed with something. Let this be your chance to write a fic that revolves around your gun kink. Write about the dangers of steel pipes. Revel in a western-style showdown. Or go AU and involve cannons. Whatever you want!

This is a two week challenge (I promise), so entries will be due by March 8.

As a reminder - please make sure you use a spoiler warning if your fic has anything from series two in it.
Tags: armed bastards challenge, mod stuff
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