Loz (lozenger8) wrote in 1973flashfic,

The New Challenge, by Loz

Title: Dial M for Mobile
Rating: White Cortina
Word Count: 417 words
Notes: This is written for meli_64, who requested Sam/Mobile Phone as a ficlet. Since it nicely tied in with the New challenge, I cheated. This is also Sam/Maya, because it seems that whenever the phone is present, she is too.

It was so new. And shiny. It was silver and sleek and ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into his hand. It had double the features of his last phone, with three brand new accessories. It had an extendable memory. And add-on java games. It was brilliant. He sat on the sofa, the instructions in his lap, trying to sort out the all-in-one contact transfer.

“Earth to Sam,” Maya said, coming to sit next to him, a bowl of popcorn in her hand. Sam ignored her. He had just about figured it out. His slowly dying older phone in one hand, the new one in the other – he thought he’d call it Tweedledee – Sam watched as the phone numbers in one address book were sent to the other in a flash of techno-phantasmagoria. No more sitting, manually tapping at the buttons. Just point and click. It was done. Time to play Snake.

He was vaguely aware of Maya placing bits of popcorn in his mouth as he commanded the extending pixels to gobble down their apples. He felt the sensation of her brushing her fingers through his hair. He purposefully didn’t do anything other than play as she undid his top two buttons.

“Sam loved his mobile phone, right down to the way it tasted. Now, that had been an interesting night,” Maya began in a sing-song voice, punching him lightly on the arm. Sam grinned, finished his game, reluctantly flipped the lid down and placed the beloved contraption on the coffee table.

He turned to face Maya fully. “Okay, I get the point.”

“Sometimes I think you’re going to give me up for a phone,” Maya said, artificially pouting before rolling her eyes. “Seriously, I can just see you, your eyes glittering as you behold the latest model. I’ll be there, off to the side, glaring at you for attention.”

“Well, you know what you have to do,” Sam said, placing his hands on Maya’s hips and gently nudging her forward to straddle his lap.

“Get bluetooth installed?”

Sam laughed, bouncing his head from side to side as if considering the options. “Well, that would be fab, but no, I was thinking more that you need to distract me.”

“I thought I was distracting you.”

“Mmm. You might need to try harder.”

Sam grinned an evil grin as Maya dipped her head and kissed along his collarbone. If he got this every time he got a new mobile, he might well have to put them on high rotation.

Tags: new challenge
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