Christine (neuralclone) wrote in 1973flashfic,

Title: Born Again
Author: NeuralClone
Rating: Pale green cortina
Word Count: 382 words
Summary: Sam wakes up.

I had the idea for this as I was drifting off to sleep last night, so I thought I'd see if I could dribble it under the wire.

I like to put things in order. Even if it's only in my own mind.

So let me take stock.

They tell me I've been lying in this warm, white room for nine months. Just long enough for me to be reborn. The analogy seems apt. For nine months I lay, lost in dreams and swaddled in plastic tubing, while life went on without me. Machines fed me, machines breathed for me, machines carried my waste away. I was … neither in the world nor out of it. Life still seems very remote, a very long way away, but - I'm here. This is reality, where I belong.

When I woke - I remember feeling pain, as I became aware of my body again, and confusion, as people rushed around me, calling out orders and pushing equipment around. The lights seemed very bright to my unaccustomed eyes. I remember my Mum being there, and - I remember her crying.

"What happened?" I tried to ask, but the words came out wrong.

Like most newborns, I'm very weak and very helpless. While I was unconscious my muscles wasted away from disuse. It has become an effort to raise an arm or turn my head. At the moment it doesn’t really matter; I’m content to lie here, drifting in and out of sleep. For the first time in my life I’m not anxious to be doing. I suppose that will change as I get better.

Occasionally doctors come in to prod and poke me, or to run tests. I feel an indistinct ache somewhere inside me, which they say is the result of losing a kidney and my spleen. I feel twinges in my leg, which they tell me come from the pins which held my fractured bones together. For some reason I feel an urge to make a dreadful pun about no longer being “all there”.

Mum comes to visit regularly. Talking is tiring so we don’t say much, but yesterday I tried to tell her about my experiences. “You were there,” I said, “in my dreams.” Mum smiled and pressed my hand reassuringly. And for a moment I felt as safe and sound as I did when she used to comfort me when I woke up with bad dreams as a small child.
Tags: body parts challenge
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