Starlaces (starlaces) wrote in 1973flashfic,

Title: If he only had the ears
Author: starlaces
Rating: White cortina - G
Word Count: 100
Notes: It isn't only the Test Card Girl who's trying to 'help' Sam. No beta... so contains starlaces' special kind of grammar... except that it's the fault of the narrator in this case obviously.

I've tried to tell him. When he's throwing himself at the TV screen or telling Annie for the hundredth time he doesn’t belong here I try to explain. He doesn’t listen though. Ever. They never do. Always need some fairy or wizardy type to spell it out for them. Still can’t complain, gets me about a bit. I look a bit different each time though. That’s probably why I don’t get recognised much, why they don’t believe, I’m not red. If only he’d listen to me. It’s real easy Sammie-boy... just click your heels together... there’s no place like home.
Tags: shoe challenge
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