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the small hobbit

Temptation Challenge, by thesmallhobbit

Title: Gene Hunt could resist everything
Rating: White Cortina
Word Count: 298 words
Summary: Gene behaves as would be expected


Gene Hunt looked at the crumpled scrap of paper and wondered what to do with it.  He could of course just ignore it, but the temptation to make use of it was just too great.  He’d found the paper when rummaging in Sam Tyler’s bin – not that he made a habit of looking through his junior officer’s rubbish, but he’d accidentally knocked his fag packet in there when glancing though the file Tyler had left on his desk.  When he’d reached in to retrieve his fags he’d also picked up the scrap of paper.  Curiosity had got the better of him and he’d smoothed out the screwed up piece of paper.  On it had been a heart with an arrow through the middle, with an S pointing towards a G.  Gene took the file and carried it into his office, carefully placing the incriminating evidence just inside.

When Sam returned from the canteen Gene called out to him.  “Tyler, my office.  Now!”

Sam entered the office.

“Shut the door!” Gene ordered.  “Can you explain to me what you’ve written on page two?”  He pointed to the file.

Sam came over and opened the file, ready to patiently go through his reasoning as to why Watkins couldn’t be guilty.  He saw the scrap of paper and blushed furiously.

“Um, well, er,” he tailed off.

“Nothing better to say?”  Gene watched the younger man squirm.  He knew he shouldn’t, but the temptation to prolong the agony was too strong.

“I suggest you come back at five o’clock and provide me with a full explanation then.”

Throughout the afternoon Gene took great pleasure in taking every opportunity to stand behind his DI’s desk, waiting until the colour had risen up the back of his neck and then moving on again.


Tags: temptation challenge
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