talkingtothesky (talkingtothesky) wrote in 1973flashfic,

Prison Challenge, by talkingtothesky

Title: Can't Tell the Difference
Rating: White Cortina
Pairing: None. Gen. Sam, TCG
Wordcount: 100


“What are you waiting for, Sam?” She asks, all innocent curiosity belied by the darkening of her eyes. “Why haven’t you gone home yet?”


“I will! I will get home!” He stutters, cowering at her feet. Hiding from a child.


“You can’t, though, can you?” She clicks her fingers and the lights go out. “You’re trapped.”




Sam rattles the bars of his self-made cage and gets nowhere.


Maybe he needs to be locked away, for his own safety. And maybe his subconscious knows that.




There is nothing quite like tasting freedom.


The moment Sam jumps, he finds it.

Tags: prison challenge
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