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Poetry prompt challenge, by the small hobbit

Title: It's a Hyde Thing
Rating: Green Cortina for swearing
Word count: 345


“Of course, a lot of our behaviour goes back to what our parents were like,” Annie said.  She, Gene and Sam were sitting in The Railway Arms one evening following the successful conclusion of a case.

Phyllis, overhearing said, “I know Mary Skelton, she’s always seemed quite normal and sensible.  I don’t see how you can blame her for the way Chris behaves.”

“Yes, but then his old man’s never been the fastest greyhound out of the trap,” replied Gene.

“That’s true,” said Phyllis, “I’ll give you that.”

“Okay, flash knickers, what do you reckon Mr and Mrs Tyler were like, given what you know of their Sam?” Gene asked.

“That’s not fair, I told you my dad left when I was four, so he can’t have had any effect,” said Sam.

“Absent father, can lead to the child striving hard for perfection so that the other parent doesn’t leave,” said Annie.

“Item One, a picky pain in the arse Tyler,” said Gene.

“But Mum always loved me and was there for me, no matter what, even when ...” Sam stopped before he could add, “I was in a coma.”  He remembered the last conversation he had had with his mother and tried to wipe the tear from his eye without anyone noticing.

“Item Two, a mummy’s boy trying not to cry.”

Sam leapt up.  “F*ck off, the lot of you.” 

He practically ran out of the room, barely avoiding Ray who was returning from the bar carrying three pints. 

“Watch out,” Ray called.

“S*d off!”

Gene exchanged a glance with Ray as he followed Sam outside.  He found him leaning against a wall taking in large gasps of air.  He walked over and put his arms round the younger man.

“Don’t tell me; it’s a Hyde thing,” he said.

Sam buried his head in Gene’s shoulder and let the bigger man comfort him.

They fuck you up, your mum and dad.
They may not mean to, but they do.
They fill you with the faults they had
And add some extra, just for you.



Tags: poetry prompt challenge
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