Mrs Tufty (fawsley) wrote in 1973flashfic,
Mrs Tufty

time limit challenge; Split Second by fawsley

Title: Split second
Author: fawsley
Rating: green Cortina
Word count: 160
Note: for the time limit challenge; gen; allusions to 2.07 and 2.08

Split second

This was still his place, always would be, but not his time. Not any more. After today he would never set foot here again.

Down the corridor, turn left, first meeting room on the right.

He had only seconds, he knew, had to time this exactly.

Approaching footsteps made his heart race.

They met at the corner, slammed into each other, and for a moment grappled to get past.

‘Watch it, sonny!’

‘Sorry, sorry… Excuse me… I have… Have to go somewhere…’

For a split second more he held on, but then let go as he knew he had to, watched the other man lurch away then wrench open the door to the service stairs, the ones that led up to the roof.

Turning on his heel he headed towards the back exit. Didn’t want to be around at the front when the crowds started gathering.

Nobody ever did recognise him in those battered old sunglasses.

Not even Sam.
Tags: time limit challenge
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