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Zombies Challenge - He's a Rotten Kind of Cute, Andromeda

TITLE: He's a Rotten Kind of Cute
AUTHOR: Andromeda 
FANDOM: Life on Mars
RATING: Red Cortina for utter squicky crack. DO NOT read this on a full stomach. Sam/Gene
WORD COUNT: 350 words 
AUTHOR'S NOTES: For the 1973flashfic Zombies challenge. Oh yes. WARNINGS for intense squickiness. PWP. Dedicated to all my nutters friends at zomromcomlomcom, you're all weird marvellous! Beta'd by cuvalwen, without whom I'd be nothing.
DISCLAIMER:  Life on Mars is copyright Kudos and the BBC. All Rights Reserved.  No copyright infringement is intended and no money is being made.   
He's a Rotten Kind of Cute 

Bracing himself, shoulders digging into the mattress, Gene shoved hard, impaling himself on as much of Sam's cock as he could manage. He growled deep in his throat, arching his neck back as the sensations of having Sam inside him once more flooded through him.

"Gene," Sam's voice rasped in his ear, "do you like that?"

"Oh yes," Gene panted. "Please…"

"How much?"


"How much do you like it, Gene? Tell me."

"I, eugh…" the tip of Sam's cock brushed against his prostate on its way back in deep and Gene's hips bucked. "I…"

"You can't, can you? God. I love you like this. Nearly incoherent with need. What do you want, love?"

"I want…" Sweat was running freely down his body now, muscles clenching and unclenching almost at random as he tried to keep some control and failed.

"What do you want?" repeated Sam impatiently. "Do you want it slow and steady?" Movement slowed to match Sam's words, easing out, each fraction of an inch slow torture. "Or do you want it hard and fast?"

Gene howled as Sam's cock slammed back in, he arched his back and took it because, dear God, that was exactly what he needed.

"Jesus, Gene," Sam's voice was rough. "You have no idea…"

"But Gene didn't hear the rest of the sentence. Taking himself in hand, he gave two hard strokes and he was coming in thick, pulsing waves that left him breathless, blood pounding in his ears.

"gene…! Gene…! GENE!!!"

Gene blinked as the room righted itself again. He pulled in a deep breath and rummaged for the phone received that had fallen from his shoulder mid orgasm.

"Sorry, Sammy-boy, I dropped the phone."

"Thank God for that! I thought I'd killed you!"

"Not this time… Christ, Sam, I wish you were here."

"So do I, but don't worry. I'll soon be home where I belong. And, in the meantime, there's more where that came from."

Gene chuckled as he absent-mindedly rubbed his sticky chest. "And here was me thinking there wouldn't be any advantages to you having been bitten by that zombie."

The End
Tags: loz is going to kill me, zombies challenge
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