jolinejorden (jolinejorden) wrote in 1973flashfic,

Zombie Challenge by Jo

Rating: Red Cortina for kink
Length: 100
Summary: Zombie!Gene enjoys a spot of sloshing
Notes: Sloshing is the act of having sex using, with and amidst several of your favorite food groups. Safely, you must put down a shower curtain or similiar human/carpet barrier, and then enjoy a variety of puddings, cakes and similiar delicious edibles with your chosen mate. (urbandictionary) In this case said food is brains, you have been warned. 
Beta by thedrumsarereal

Taking the brain in his hands, Gene marveled. He doesn’t understand this sudden desire, the anticipation of the texture, the smell and, oh yes, the taste. Gently applying pressure he feels his fingers begin to sink into the delicious grey lump. He presses the pulp to his nose, takes a deep breath and savours the sensations. Quickly he spreads it over Sam's bare stomach, rubs it onto the skin, pushes it into his navel and slides his brain covered fingers between Sam’s arsecheeks. Those belong to him now, or will belong to him. His dead eyes gloss over with lust.
Tags: zombies challenge
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