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Zombie Challenge, by Lucy

Title: Hysteria
Lucy Saxon (thedrumsarereal )
Red tinted Brown maybe?
Word Count:
My first attempt at something that isn't just a PWP.






Gene has his face buried in Sam's neck and is contently running his hand along his thigh, gripping closely to Sam's crotch without a care in the world. He knows Sam is loves this, low keening noises pouring out of him in a smooth litany of sound. Gene is licking and nipping at Sam's long and slender neck like he's savouring a Curly Wurly or something just as sweet.


Gene... I thought we... shit... don't stop...”


Gene slides his lips up Sam's neck and over his jaw, nipping his way until he finds his destination; silencing him with a tongue being tentatively inserted between Sam's soft lips.


Pained moans are emitting from the television, the film, Night of the Living Dead left playing and forgotten about.


Gene reaches for Sam's zip and as soon as he starts to free his erection, Sam suddenly pushes him back with a startled force. “Sam! What the bloody hell...”


Shh! Gene, d'you hear that?”


Hear what?”


That! There's something coming from outside. Can't you hear it?”


I don't hear anything besides the rain, you dozy git. You're probably just hearing the storm or summat.”


I don't think it's the storm, Gene. I don't like it.”


Tyler. You really are a soddin' girl. You know that?”


Gene looks into Sam's face and can't help but soften upon seeing how terrified it made him. He takes an exasperated breath and goes outside, complaining about it pissing down and getting all wet.


Sam stands waiting for him to return in silence, other than the noise coming from the television and the rain outside. He walks over and switches the TV off before sitting back on the settee. He's only been sitting there for a few moments before the television flickers back to life with flesh-eating zombies.


Sam looks up at the television, surprised, but he gets back up turns it off again. He goes to the settee and sits back and glances up on the clock. It's been about five minutes now and he wonders what could possibly be taking Gene so long. When the television flickers back to life again he feels a rush of fear burning up his spine. He swallows and walks back over to the television and switches it off yet again and he just stands there a moment before he hears a familiar voice from behind him.


What's wrong, Sam? Not scared are you?”


Sam immediately recognises the voice and spins around to see her, the object of his nightmares, grinning at him with that stupid clown.


No, no... not here... you can't be here! I'm safe here!”


Are you really safe, Sam? Do you really think he can protect you? Do you really think he wants to?”


Why are you here? Please just go away. Leave me alone!”


I've told you before, Sam. I'm here to help. I just want to be your friend. He is going to leave you, everyone does. I won't leave you though. I'm not like the others.”


You don't know Gene. He wouldn't leave me.”


Poor Sam, so lost and alone. He thought for sure he'd found his home, but he doesn't belong here and he didn't belong there. Poor Sam doesn't belong anywhere.”


Just go away… Gene!”


Just then he heard the sound of the television switching itself back on. He spun around to the television and screamed.





When Gene ran back in he found the house completely dark. “Sam?” he called out. “Sam, it’s okay. There’s nothing outside. Anyone would think you’re in here being eaten alive by zombies, you big girl’s blouse.” There's no answer. “Sammy-boy? Sam, you better bloody well answer me right now.”


Gene removes the lighter from his hip pocket and flips it open, striking the flint and illuminating the room like a torch. He holds the lighter out and waves it around him a bit, the only additional light is the occasional bolts of lightning through the window. He glances around the dimly lit room and sees Sam curled in a ball in the corner, muttering quietly to himself and visibly shaking.


Sam? What the bloody hell are you’re doing, you daft sod?” Gene crouches down and reaches out to Sam, finding him cold and shaking. He draws him close and wraps his arms around Sam in a protective embrace.


Gene has never seen Sam this frightened and that scares him. He holds him tight and runs his hands along his back soothingly. “Talk to me, Sammy-boy, tell me what's got you so scared. The storm knocked the power out, that's all.” He hears Sam muttering something but he can't make out what it is. He draws back and looks deep into those amber eyes. Gene can see the tears threatening to give away and he is finally able to understand what Sam is rambling on about.


Sh-she was here.”


Who? Sammy, no one is here but us.”


Please don't leave me.”


I'm not going to leave you, ya div. You're nuttier than my Aunt May's fruitcake but you're a damn good shag and God knows I would probably starve without your poncy cooking.”


The words were meant to be reassuring but as Sam buried his face deep into his chest, Gene wasn't quite sure they had the desired effect. He was digging his short fingernails into Gene's skin right through his shirt and so close it was almost as if Sam was trying to crawl inside of him. It hurts like hell and Gene is sure the fingernails have broken flesh but he doesn't say anything. Gene can feel Sam tremble in his arms and his chest heaving tight against him as he starts to sob, the wet tears are seeping through Gene's shirt, dampening his warm skin.


Gene holds and strokes Sam every bit as tight as Sam is gripping him, unsure of how long they're sitting in the dark but he can hear Sam's sobs begin to fade until the sound is replaced by the soft breathing of something else. Sam has fallen asleep.


Gene carries Sam to their bed and thanks the Lord that Sam is so light. He tries making Sam as comfortable as he possibly can and then he wraps the blanket tight around Sam's lithe frame just as the lights flicker back on. Once he's satisfied that Sam is safe he goes downstairs to switch the lights off.


He walks over to the television where the zombie film had long since been replaced by little girl in the red dress and her clown. He reaches forward to switch it off and before he does he looks directly at the little girl. “You can't have him, you creepy little bitch. Come near him again and I'll rip the head off your stupid doll.”


He turns the television off and makes his way back to the bed where Sam is still fast asleep. He undresses and crawls in next to Sam and pulls him close, moulding himself to the contours of Sam's body. Gene holds him in a warm embrace and kisses the back of his neck.




Sam smiles softly in his sleep, feeling Gene's protective arms around him and for the first time in a long while, Sam finally feels safe.





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