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Innuendo for Darkness Challenge

Title: Innuendo
Author: Meli Parker
Rating: Blue Cortina for mild language and some violence. (Though it could also be green)
Word Count: 1781
Notes: I like to write to certain songs and music so when reading this, I recommend you start the first part with David Bowie's "Life On Mars?" and switch to Queen's "Innuendo". The big bluk of this was really based on the Queen song because when I listen to it, I get picture in my head of what should be going on as the music is playing in the background. So yeah, listen to the Queen song and this will all make sense. It's also slightly based on the thing Sam says to Gene, "Say hi to Id for me." Thanks to lozenger8 for beta! :D
Summary: Sam thinks he's found a way back home, but also wonders if he's going crazy.



Sam heard a voice. The voice crept into his skin, sneaking its way up to his mind. He turned and looked at where it was coming from. “Why are you still fighting?” it said.


            “You stay away from me!” he yelled and fell to the floor from his bed. He backed into the wall. When Sam spoke, he gestured far in front of his body.


            “Why are you still fighting?”


            “Stay away! I’ll never stop! I never will!” he yelled. Suddenly, a corner of the dark room lit up. A small radio was sitting there. It played a song. A song he knew - knew very well. “It’s a G-d awful small affair, to the girl with the mousey hair.”


He ran over to the radio. Why this song, he wondered. Why was everything revolving around this song? Did the song have deeper meaning? Was this song the title of his life or something? Maybe if he ever got home, he would write a book or television show and call it “Life on Mars?” Yeah, that actually sounded pretty cool. After getting lost in his thoughts for a few moments, Sam heard a deep voice appear suddenly on his radio, the sound layered above the song.


            “We’re trying the audio sensory tests again. We’ve put his MP3 player on random, which should stimulate different memories as the songs pop up.”


Sam thought of something. “This is the song that I heard went I was hit by the car,” he said. “That means… if I’m hit by a car again listening to this, I can get home!” He smiled to himself as he spoke to no one. Then he woke up. It had been a dream.


             The next day, he grabbed an 8-track cartridge of the song and went out into the street looking for someone. Anyone who would hit him with their car, or anyone he could make hit him. Worse comes to worst, he died. But he was willing to risk it. Sometimes he wondered if he was going mad.


            It was light outside. His hands were in the deep pockets of his jacket. He saw a man coming out of a smoky pub down the street. He smirked to himself. If anyone would agree to hit him with their car, it would be a man coming out of a pub at 10 o’clock in the morning. “Hey you!” he yelled out. He ran up and stood next to him.


            “Yes?” asked the inebriated man.


            “Would you do me a favour?”




            “Hit me with your car,” Sam said. The almost drunk man looked at him and smiled.


            “Sure, my good man!” he said, then his expression changed to confusion. “Wait… did you just say-?”


            “Hit me with your car.”


            “You’re mad.”


            “Almost,” Sam responded and smiled.


            “I’m not doing that.”


            “Yes, you are,” he said and took a gun out of his jacket pocket. The man was taken aback and looked at him with wild eyes.


            “I can’t do that! You’ve lost it.”


            “No I haven’t! I just need to go home and this the only way I can.” He thought about it. “Ok, maybe I’ve lost it a little. Listen mate, I’ll pay you to hit me with your car. How’s that?” The drunk man thought about it.


            “Well…” he started. Sam cocked the gun. “Ok, I will!”


            “That’s good to hear.”


             He made sure he was in the same place he was when he was hit the first time. He drove his car over there, stood in the middle of the slip lane, and waited for the drunken man to drive into him. At that moment, the man was about 200 feet away. The 8-track was in and the song began to play. He motioned to the man to come. He heard the rev of the engine. Sam closed his eyes and waited. The song grew louder in his head as he stood there waiting. “Oh Man, look at those cave men go. It’s the freakiest show. Take a look at the lawman beating up the wrong guy. Oh man, wonder if you’ll ever know. He’s in the best selling show. Is there Life On Mars?”




             Darkness was closing in fast. He rolled and hit the ground. The darkness wasn’t going away. “Oh shit,” Sam thought. “Did I just kill myself?” A light lit up in the corner. It was highlighting the radio again. A new song played. It was a familiar song.


            Through the sorrow, all through our splendour, don’t take offence at my innuendo.” The guitar strummed softly and vocals entered the song softly. “Do do do do do…do do do do…” Suddenly it stopped and Sam stood up. He looked around the empty room. It was bright. He squinted and looked around. He wasn’t in the middle of the street anymore. He heard mariachi guitars. Mexico? He saw Spanish buildings and empty dirt streets. But then, where was the music coming from. There were vender carts, but no venders. He ran through the empty city until he turned a corner. That’s when he saw her. Sam saw a girl he once knew standing there calling his name. He wanted to follow her but couldn’t. He tried to move his legs but they weren’t moving. He pushed harder again and fell forward to the dirt ground below. He looked up at her. She smiled at him.           


            “You’re so close,” she said. “Just keep trying.” She put out her hand. A loud beeping noise started to go off in his head. Sam grabbed his ears and then let go when he realised it wasn’t going away. “You’re so close!” Her hand was in front of him. He stood up and reached for her hand. She started to pull back.


            “No! No! What are you doing! Give me your hand! I’m trying! See!” Sam put out his hand as far as he could without moving his body. “Maya, Maya…I’m trying! Just get me out of here!” The song started playing again, but she was lip-synching it.


            “You can be anything you want to be, just turn yourself into anything you think that you could ever be. Be free with your tempo, be free, be free. Surrender your ego - be free, be free to yourself.” He looked at her with raised eyebrows. He was rather confused.


            “I don’t understand? Is it the song? Why is this all revolving around songs?! Why!?! Are David Bowie and Freddie Mercury out to get me? Am I supposed to find this song now?  It’s not going to come out till 1991! What’s next? Under Pressure? What am I supposed to do?” He looked at her. He thought about the verse. She stood there smiling at him.


            “Please keep trying. Keep trying. I know you’re in there somewhere,” she said. He was sick of trying to figure it all out and he didn’t know how much longer it would last. He decided to just run at her fast as he could. He stood up and ran, almost to her. Hands touched, he grabbed for more. It was like there was an invisible wall between them and he pushed, he pushed to go through it. He grabbed her hand as hard as he possibly could. He saw a look of shock on her face. The invisible wall was gone.


            “His hand!” she yelled. He smiled.


            “Yeah that’s right, tell them. Tell everybody! This time it’s gonna happen!” he said. He stood next to her still holding her hand. “Get everyone in the room, Maya!”


            “Look!” she said looking down at his hand. She held it up. He closed his eyes. He was finally going home.


            Sam opened his eyes. It was blurry. He saw about 20 faces looking straight at him, only inches away. The closest person smiling at him was Maya, only her hair was different. It was shorter. He saw his mum on the other side. Her smile was one of shock and a type of joy that many will never feel. Those were the only two he cared about. The rest didn’t matter, until he saw a dark haired man in the corner. He looked familiar, yet like a stranger. Then, Sam recognized him. It was his father. He was there. For the first time, he was there.



            Eyes half open, he smiled at all the people in the room. It was moving in slow motion. Everyone’s face seemed to be stuck in happy shock. Sam enjoyed it. All of a sudden though, he felt something was wrong. His smile faded quickly and changed into a panic. No, no, NO! Yelled a voice inside. Darkness started swirl around everyone. Sam tried to make it stop, he tried to stand up. In his mind, he was clawing at the air. Sam’s head rolled to the side and his body went limp again.



            Sam opened his eyes. He was staring at a brown ceiling. He didn’t know where he was. A woman was in the room. “Where am I?” he asked. She screamed and jumped backwards.


            “Oh my! You’re awake, sir! Hold a second, I’ll go and get the doctor.,” she said catching her breath.


            “What year is this?” he asked. She looked confused. This time he yelled. “What year is it!”


            “Ah, it’s, uh…1973, sir,” she said. His face turned to utter shock and anger. He sat up, turned and started to punch the pillow behind him. “Sir, I wouldn’t be doing that! You need to rest.”


            “Rest, huh?” he said, stopping.


            “Yes, you were hit by a car, sir!” she responded, un-sure of what to do in a situation like this one.


            “You want rest? I’ll give you bloody rest!” He scrambled out of the bed and went a chair in the corner. Sam picked up the chair and threw it at the wall. The nurse screamed and someone opened the door. Sam picked up a small side table next and threw that knocking over all the doctor’s equipment. The man who entered the room grabbed him and held him to the ground. Sam was crying at this point.


            A dark haired girl walked into the room and saw the man holding him to the floor. “What’s going on?” she asked.


            “He lost it, miss,” said the nurse. “Just went mad and threw the chair and the table at the wall.” She bent down next to him and saw his face wet with tears..


            “What happened Sam?” she asked. He turned his head as much as he could and looked at her.


            “I saw them. I saw my Mum and my…Maya. And my…my Dad. Annie, I woke up.”


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