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Zombie Challenge, by BastardlyArmed

Title: Till Death Do Us Part
Author: bastardlyarmed 
Word Count: 451
Summary: Alex Drake finds out how much Gene can love someone.
Notes: This is an extremely disturbing fic. I'd put out warnings but it'll spoil the fic.  Put it out on the Lifein1973 chat and they loved it anyway and wanted me to post. Thanks guys. It's all your fault. <3

"So you really want to know what happened to Sam Tyler, Alex?" Gene asked as they danced to the softly piping music in Gene's flat. He gazed deeply into Alex's eyes, smiling.

The smile never reached his eyes though.

Alex Drake demurely nodded. She was too mesmerized by Gene's warmth against her, having finally gotten her fondest wish. They had been dating for a few weeks and it was the first time she had been invited to Gene's house in Manchester for the holiday.

Gene's empty house.

Gene took her arm and walked her down the stairs. As they went down, Alex felt a coldness that she had felt only a few times before in her life. Like she was going to finally, finally die.

Gene stopped in front of a door and opened it, staying on the last step. "Ladies first."

Alex looked at him, then looked at the gaping darkness before her. There was a strange smell coming from the room but she couldn't place it. The cold feeling spread to her legs, and she shivered. "I'm not going in there."


"Go in first. Please," she pleaded.

"I really insist, Alex."

She looked at Gene's pleading face and sighed. "Fine." She stepped inside the darkness, then turned around to see if Gene followed.

And found only the door. Her eyes widened, and she ran back to it, pounding on the door. "GENE! GENE OPEN THE DOOR!"

She heard short curt laugh from Gene. "If you want to know what happened to Sam Tyler, why don't you ask him yourself?"

She turned around, fumbling with the lighter in her pocket. Finally, she had a hand around it and took it out, flipping it open. She ran her thumb on the striker, only producing sparks.

The sparks illuminated the blood all over the floor, some dried, some still a bit sticky. She heard a moaning from the side of the room, and turned, finally getting the lighter to light up.

Sam Tyler stared at her, glassy eyed, from the side of the room. The pallor strikingly glared at her, and there was fresh blood around his mouth.

Alex screamed, dropping the lighter in her hands, and scrambled to find the door. She finally bumped the door, and felt the blood seep through her clothes. She grasped the handle, and shook it, finding it locked. "GENE!"

"I love Sam, Alex. Couldn't bear to put him to rest after the accident. So I brought him here. Isn't he beautiful? Frozen in time."

Alex felt cold hands grab her, and the rank smell of the undead Sam Tyler next to her neck. She screamed bloody murder at Gene, but Gene was already gone.
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