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Conspiracy Challenge, by the small hobbit

Title: Now you see it; now you don't
Rating: Green cortina
Word count: 1,050
Notes: With thanks to my beta jinxed100

Now you see it; now you don't

Mod Stuff - Conspiracy Challenge

From historical AUs to wild theories to Sam's disembodied voices, you can do with the prompt 'conspiracy' anything you feel like.

Slightly less than a fortnight this time, as entries are due by the 28th September. Have fun! :D

Mod Stuff - Redemption Challenge Closed

Click the corresponding tag to read the responses to this challenge. New challenge will be along shortly! :)
Title: The Pawnbroker
Rating: Green cortina
Word count: 1,150
Notes: With thanks to my beta jinxed100 and apologies if this doesn't go up correctly, I'm having trouble with LJ


Mod Stuff - Redemption Challenge

Your challenge this fortnight is to write something connected to the theme of redemption. Feel feel to interpret that any way you can think of.

Entries are due by August 31st. Good luck!

Mod Stuff - Happy Endings Challenge Closed

Thanks to everyone who contributed! All the entries can be found under the corresponding tag. New challenge coming up. :)

Happy Endings challenge, by Hambel

Title: Recovery
Author: Hambel
Rating: Green Cortina
Word Count: 444
Pairing/Characters: Sam, Gene
Summary: A deleted scene in 2.08. Yes, it is, really.
Disclaimer: They're not mine and no money has exchanged hands.

RecoveryCollapse )

Happy Endings challenge, by thesmallhobbit

Title: Birthday Boy
Rating: White Cortina
Word Count: 630 words
Summary: Just fluff, as befits the challenge


Sam Tyler stomped out of CIDCollapse )


[mod stuff] Happy Endings Challenge

Your mission for this fortnight, should you choose to accept it, is the happy endings challenge. Take this theme in any direction you choose...except possibly internally. Your 1973flashfic mods can't be held responsible if you do. ;)

This challenge shall run until 20 July. Hop to it!

[mod stuff] Temptation Challenge Closed

Many thanks to all who participated. All entries in the Temptation Challenge can now be found via the community tag of the same name.

New challenge coming up shortly! Brace yourselves! :)


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